2018 1/8 and 1/10 scale

Schedule for February 14th 15th 16th and 17th 

Track will be open all week. 7:30AM to 4:30PM

  • Wednesday is the official open practice. gates open 7:30 practice starts 12:00 noon (officially) until 10:00 PM
  • Thursday Gates open 6:30 AM open practice and registration starts 7:30AM qualifying will begin 8:30 AM 
  • Friday Gates open 6:30 AM open practice and registration starts 7:30AM qualifying will begin 8:30 AM
  • Saturday Gates open 6:30 AM open practice and registration starts 7:30AM qualifying will begin 8:30 AM

Race Layout


  • ROUND 1 (Lap Timing)

Single car qualifying - We will line up by class in pit lane in order as depicted by race directer. You will get 3 laps to post the fastest you can, 1 lap time and this will be the qualifying order. (your fastest 1 lap out the 3) TQ will be awarded off this round

  • ROUND 2 (Heat races) 
6 car heat races - Round 1 will set the field by lap times. We will have this 1 heat race to set up the mains. 

  • Sub-Mains

Mains will be set up off the 1 round of heat races. 8 car mains 6 lock in with 2 bump ups. 

  • A-Main 

WE WILL ONLY LOCK IN TOP 5 FROM THE HEAT RACE We will take 2 from the B-main 

and 1 from the LCQ and be racing 8. 

  • LCQ (last chance qualifier)

We will take the top 8 from round 1 TIME QUALIFYING that do not make the A main and have a last chance qualifier to fill the last slot in the A Main. (now you will need to be ready to turn around and run this race quickly we may not have the ability to wait for batteries to charge or so forth. Top 8 will be based off fastest lap times out of round 1.

  • A Mains (last) Then Awards for that night.

Race summery

We will be racing two tracks at once this will cut event time in half each day which will allow more time between rounds to work on your cars and to chill out. Our hope is this will make for a better race and a more relaxed atmosphere. If we start Qualifying at 8:30 we will be wrapping up by 8:30 with 3-4 min between rounds. This will allow for open practice each night after the mains until 10:30 and everyone to be able to go and eat at a decent hour and enjoy Speed weeks. If you are coming in late we will allow you to make a qualifying run to lock in a time and if you miss the mains you will still have a shot at the LCQ. We understand that some people may have to work these first couple of days this will allow you to still have a shot at the over all tittle. Keep in mind we are awarding winners every race night and a over all points champion after the last race. We have some Tittle sponsors locked down and still have a few on the fence we will be making announces as they come on board. We have several local 1/2 to 3/8 mile dirt oval tracks with in a hour of our facility so if anyone is able to take the week off we all go to several of the super late model races and modified races in the begging of the week. And oh yeah there is that race at Daytona less than a hour away from us. We designed this race to allow racers to take vacation come watch some hard core racing and bring the RC cars and do some racing of their own while they are here.

1/5 Scale Thunder 


2018 Speed Weeks

February 8th 9th and 10th

Febuary 9th and 10th We will be rocking the 1/5 scale late models at River Rat RC. Open practice on Thursday February 8th and racing starting on Febuary 9th and Wrapping up with a points champion on February 10th. It will be the Kick Off to the beginning of our speed week program. This will be a 2 day show with awards every night and a points payout at the conclusion on Saturday. 

The race lay out will be as follows 

1. Round of 3 lap qualifying will line up the heat races your fastest 

one lap time will seat you for the heats

2. Rounds of heat races will set up the mains 6 car heat races 

locking in the top 6 cars for the sub-mains and only 5 for 

the A-main

  • Sub-Mains 8 car fields with bumping 2 top cars to the next main

LCQ (last chance qualifier) we will take the top 8 out of the time 

trials that DO NOT make the A-main and line them up for a 

LCQ to fill the last spot in the A-main

A-main top 5 out of the heat races will fill the top 5 spots in the 

A-Main with the 2 bumps out of the Sub-Mains filling 6th 

through 7th and the LCQ filling the last spot to have a field 

of 8 for the main show.

Awards for this night.

Open practice until 10:30

Event Layout

  • Thursday - open practice starting at noon (officially) until 10:30
  • Friday - open practice at 12:00 noon and Qualifying at 4:00 heat racing following along with LCQ and then the main. With awards for that night following the mains. 
  • Saturday - open practice at 12:00 noon and Qualifying at 4:00 heat racing following along with LCQ and then the main. With awards for that night following the mains.